How to connect ASORobot to Slack

What is ASO Robot?
ASO Robot is an analytics tool for the App Store. With ASO Robot, developers can improve organic user acquisition, analyze their app’s search position, and keep up to date with competitors and manage reviews. Connect your app profile to Slack to keep your team notified about new reviews or search ranking changes.
How to start using ASO Robot with Slack?
  • Login into your account.
  • You must have at least one app to enable Slack notifications.
  • Open the app dashboard.
    Settings button on screenshot
  • Click "Settings" and click "Add to Slack" button.
    Add to slack button on screenshot
  • Grant permissions and choose the appropriate channel to send notifications. Slack notifications about App Store reviews
Can I choose different channels for a different app?

Yes,as notification settings are per app. You can connect every app profiles to a different Slack channel.